If we are to save the oceans,
we must understand them.

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aims to connect the needs of people and oceans to preserve both our own lives and those of the seas. We gather and share insights from global experts so you can make your own informed decisions.

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Bendik S. Søvegjarto, initiator of Engage With Oceans, reflects on the podcasts published on the website.

  • Why and how to electrify aquaculture If we electrify Norway’s salmon farms, we can save some 375,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions from 200,000 cars. That's according to Benjamin Strandquist, Senior Advisor on Electrification across sectors such as construction, shipping, aquaculture, industry and land-based transportation [...]

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  • Commitment to an ideal often requires financial backing if it is to become a reality. #EngageWithOceans has already hosted some high-flown hopes for the future, but we thought we’d inject a little pragmatism. So, in this edition of the podcast, we thought we’d take a look at “Investing in the Oceans” and, along the [...]

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  • If the #EngageWith Oceans initiative is to meet the challenge we’ve set for it, then it’s important to cast an unblinking eye on a debate about the future, even when that debate lies close to home. Bluegrove, of course, works with the aquaculture sector, but I’d be the last to deny that the industry [...]

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Meet our host



is hosted by Dennis Vaughan, Podcast Presenter and former News Editor, Reporter and Producer for for a variety of broadcasters and news agencies, including Al Jazeera , the BBC, APTN and SKY.

Born in a seafaring city and the son of a merchant navy officer, Dennis has long recognized the need for the preservation of the sea’s health and diversity.

Dennis Vaughan

Meet our guests

Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr
UK Director, Norwegian Seafood Council

Sunil Kadri
Fish behavior and welfare specialist

Miguel Portus
COO Lago Sofia, Chile

Michel Roux Jr.
Chef and Restaurateur Le Gavroche, London

Amy Novogratz

Amy Novogratz
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Aqua-Spark

Karan Sawhney

Karan Sawhney
Ocean Action Platform Coordinator of the UN Global Compact Norge

Matt Craze
Founder Spheric Research

Adolfo Alvial
International Aquaculture Consultant

Carlos Hein
Fisheries Engineer

Marie Rødsten Sagen
Environmental Engineer

Benjamin Strandquist
Senior Advisor Electrification

Marte Lund Myran
Norwegian Seafood Trust

Aim to understand



is an initiative by Bluegrove, aiming to collect insight and share knowledge with people who care for our oceans.

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